Brad, Kym, Nika and Steph are your hosts, scattered about the globe but brought together by their mutual love and hate for each other.

Love to Hate Live at GeeklyCon 2018

This was our first live show which we performed at GeeklyCon 2018 in July. In it we reveal the results of season 2, watch a funny video Kym made (visual jokes, sorry) discuss punishments and quickfire loves and hates with the audience.

Thank you to everybody who came to the show, we were staggered by the amount of folks who came to watch us. Thank you to Kym and Ben Stonick for making the hilarious reveal video. And a big thank you to David Steward (@Spudcam) for putting together the video and audio of the show. You can find the video on our Patreon page at

Episode 301: PB and V

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